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Divorce Books, Divorce Articles, Divorce Videos and More

January 2, 2018

This post on divorce books, articles, videos and more was compiled by MWI Divorce & Family Mediator Sally Plone. Children & Divorce Books

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Mediation After Divorce

September 18, 2017

Often situations arise post-divorce regarding custody or support of the children that need to be discussed. In some cases, divorcing parties may not have ended the relationship on amicable terms. In many situations, mediation is the right place to discuss post-divorce topics.

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Magnetic Co-Parenting Calendar for Parents and Professionals

July 20, 2017

As a divorce mediator in Boston I am always looking for new tools, resources, and books to introduce to my clients. Not too long ago, an online search landed me on the Enlightened Littles website. Here I learned about their "My Two Homes" Co-Parenting Calendar. My first thought was that the Co-Parenting calendar would be useful  for parents to hang in their house so children could easily see and understand the parenting schedule.

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Massachusetts Child & Spousal Support Resources

May 16, 2017

Calculating child support or other divorce expenses in Massachusetts has never been easier thanks to the many apps and calculators available online or with your local divorce mediation firms. What's more, other divorce-related expenses, i.e., spousal support have dedicated worksheets that are especially helpful for sorting through the clutter!

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I Wish My Parents Chose Divorce Mediation

April 18, 2017

I would never change the fact that my parents got a divorce. But I would change the way they did it. I now know that there is a healthier route for separation, and I had the chance to see this during my experience as a participant during Divorce Mediation Training at MWI. Divorcing parents have another choice, one that can mitigate the trauma and the debt of a litigious divorce.

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22 Massachusetts Divorce Terms to Help You Understand Divorce in Massachusetts

April 4, 2017

Divorce is hard enough. But what makes Massachusetts divorce even more difficult and costly is when spouses have the wrong information. People often seek advice and information from friends, family members, co-workers, the internet, and several other places. While some of this information can be helpful, people sometimes receive incorrect information. Having correct information during the divorce process prevents unnecessary disputes and is vital to ensure each person is on the same page when “divorce terms” are thrown around.

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Divorce Parenting Classes in Massachusetts

March 29, 2017

Do I really have to attend Divorce Parenting Classes in order to get divorced in Massachusetts? Yes. You do. Divorce parenting classes, or Parent Education Programs, are a requirement by the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court Department for all parents with minor children. Divorce mediators get this question from concerned parents pretty often. And you know, it is not as bad as it reads.

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The “Separation Agreement:” A Confusing Name for an Important Document

March 28, 2017

Among couples who are about to divorce, there is often confusion as to what a Separation Agreement in Massachusetts actually is. So, . . . what is it? A Separation Agreement is a written document that describes the terms of the divorce. Once signed, it becomes the legal document that will be used for a no-fault divorce in Massachusetts. For help with having a Separation Agreement in Massachusetts drafted for you and your spouse, contact Josh Hoch at 617-895-4028. Some of the topics that need to be addressed, in detail, in a Separation Agreement in Massachusetts include:

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