MWI Mediator Roundtables

MWI Mediator Roundtables bring mediators and other practitioners together to discuss new ideas and strengthen their ADR skills. A variety of Roundtables throughout the year to provide participants with opportunities to hear from top-notch presenters and interact with colleagues. MWI Roundtables are free for all active MWI mediators. For those who are not active MWI mediators, we welcome you to attend up to two free Roundtables per calendar year, and after those two free events, the fee for attendance is $50 per Roundtable.

RSVP is required by registering here. Registration will close 48 hours prior to the start of the event.


10 Liberty Square – 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

Note that all MWI Roundtables start with social meeting time for 30 minutes followed by the featured program.

Calendar (click a date below for more information)

  • September 12, 2017 – “MWI Mediator Social Night”
  • October 12, 2017 – “Deconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth & Power”
  • November 14, 2017 – “Mediator Choices: Strategic Use of Tools, Tone and Style”

September 12, 2017 – “MWI Mediator Social Night”

Date – Tuesday, September 12
Time – 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Location – John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House

That time of year again to show thanks for all of the people who make the Court Mediation Program such a great success. MWI wants our mediators to know how much we appreciate their tireless devotion to our mediation panels. Join fellow colleagues and MWI staff for a Mediator Social Night. The event will be held at John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House in Cambridge, MA. As a thank you to volunteer mediators, this event will be free for anyone who is a current MWI panelist. We hope that you decide to join us for a social night of networking and fun. Space is limited, so please do reserve your spot by completing the free web registration form or contact Marcus Stergio at mstergio@mwi.org.

October 12, 2017 – “Deconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth & Power”

Social Time – 5:30PM – 6:00PM
Presentation – 6:00PM – 7:30PM
Presenter – Blair Trippe

Why are conflicts in family business so common, and often so extreme and intractable? Why do conventional dispute resolution approaches often fail and sometimes increase conflict? Family business conflicts are distinct from civil disputes. They can be described as identity-based and systemic, with the additional complication that continuing relationships matter and must be considered throughout the conflict management process. It is therefore essential that advisors to families who own and manage assets together acquire the insight and methodologies that can address this core competency, as the ability to manage this particular type of conflict is the most important challenge that family business stakeholders and their advisors need to understand. Blair Trippe, managing partner at Continuity Family Business Consulting, is an experienced negotiator, mediator, and family business consultant. She recently co-authored Deconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth and Power. Join her for this Roundtable discussion, which will address the triggers for conflict that inhibit people from making important and timely decisions, as well as how to approach both active conflict (when families fight) and passive conflict (when families get stuck).


November 14, 2017 – “Mediator Choices: Strategic Use of Tools, Tone and Style”

Jack Wofford

Social Time – 5:30PM – 6:00PM
Presentation – 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Presenter – Jack Wofford

The mediation process can be challenging. Difficult circumstances, combative parties, bottomless emotions, multiple stakeholders; the list of complications could go on and on. But there are process choices and tools which can be helpful. Jack Wofford is a veteran in our field, having practiced as an independent neutral for nearly 25 years. He has experience in arbitration, mediation, facilitation, consensus-building and other forms of dispute resolution in a wide range of areas, including auto franchise, retail franchise, commercial, employment, environment, estates and wills, family owned and other closely held business, vacation homes, organizations, public policy and complex development, real estate, construction and transportation projects. Currently a member of MWI’s Franchise Mediation Panel as well as mediator and arbitrator in a variety of other MWI cases, Jack was appointed by President Clinton in 1999 to a seat on the Federal Service Impasses Panel, which resolves disputes in negotiations between the Federal Government and its unionized employees. Join Jack at MWI for a discussion about some of his most interesting mediation experiences, along with the tools he has used and the choices he’s made to work through those complex cases.



To register for an MWI Mediator Roundtable, please complete the form below, indicating the date and name of the Roundtable you wish to enroll in. Marcus Stergio, Mediator and Manager of Commercial and Corporate Programs, will be in touch within two business days to confirm your registration.

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For more information about MWI’s Roundtables, please email Marcus Stergio at mstergio@mwi.org or call 617-895-4029 with questions.