Schedule a Free Consultation with a Divorce Mediator


To schedule a free consultation with a divorce mediator use the form below. The mediator you select will then be in touch with you for scheduling. To learn more about MWI’s mediators, click here.

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Are you ready to learn more about divorce mediation? If so, schedule a free consultation today.

For couples considering divorce or who have made the decision to divorce, MWI invites you to take advantage of a free consultation via Zoom video.

During the consultation:

  • An Overview of the Divorce Mediation Process will be Explained – A divorce mediator will explain the entire mediation and divorce process as well as provide a timeline of how divorce in Massachusetts works.
  • Your questions will be answered – Ample time will be devoted to answering your questions.
  • Decide if mediation is right for you – You will hear about process options for divorce in Massachusetts to better understand whether or not mediation is right for your situation.
  • Understand the mediation process – A detailed overview will be provided on what happens at mediation, outside mediation, and after mediation.
  • Leave feeling a sense of relief – Divorce is difficult, but divorce mediation makes it easier. Working with a neutral person (the mediator), can provide both structure and a safe place for productive conversations. Take the first step and come meet a mediator to learn more about divorce mediation.

Consultations are free when both parties attend. Individual consultations are available for $175. The consultation fee will be applied toward a first session, if a mediation session takes place within one month of the individual consultation.