Open-Enrollment Negotiation Skills Workshop

MWI’s Negotiation Skills Workshop will take place online and live via Zoom. Please contact mailbox@mwi.org with questions.

Based on principles developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project with Roger Fisher, co-author of the bestseller Getting To Yes, MWI’s Negotiation Skills Workshop is designed to build each participant’s capacity to transform adversarial approaches to negotiation into problem-solving collaborations, producing better outcomes for all parties while enhancing long-term working relationships. MWI’s Negotiation Skills Workshop is designed to:

  • Stimulate participants’ awareness of the complexities of negotiation
  • Equip participants with a framework for understanding, diagnosing and leading the negotiation process
  • Enhance participants’ skills through hands-on experience and feedback
  • Provide participants with a process for continued improvement and learning

Dates and Times

April 3&4, 2025 – Live and online via Zoom

Noon – 4 pm ET each day

Additional dates and times can be found on MWI’s Training Registration Page


This program is currently being offered online via Zoom.

Registration and Cost

The cost of the training is $375 per person (or $325 if registered a month in advance of the program). Please send an email to mailbox@mwi.org for more information. Space is limited to 26 participants.

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Program Overview

MWI’s Negotiation Skills Workshop enable participants to improve skills by preparing, conducting and reviewing multiple simulated cases, in addition to learning the theory of negotiation effectiveness. The program focuses on the following areas:

  • Dealing with difficult behaviors and tactics
  • Building long-term, strategic relationships
  • Communicating effectively
  • Influencing and persuading others
  • Managing differences in perceptions
  • Managing roles in multi-party negotiations

Negotiation Trainer (click on photo for bio)

  • Megan Winkeler
    Megan Winkeler
Megan Winkeler

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Trainer & Mediator with MWI
Phone: 617-895-4032 | Email: mwinkeler@mwi.org

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Megan Winkeler is MWI’s Director of Training & Engagement and serves as a trainer and mediator. Megan provides negotiation workshops and consulting services to companies, universities, government entities, and nonprofits. She works with clients to provide custom training solutions based on their specific needs, and she maintains the training curriculum to incorporate current research and best practices. Megan also serves as a mediation trainer and coach through MWI’s Forty-Hour Mediation Training. She directs the MWI Court Mediation Program, overseeing a panel of 50+ pro bono court mediators. Through this program, Megan organizes Roundtable Seminars and events to provide continuing education and networking opportunities for MWI’s dedicated panel. She also provides coaching and mentoring services to mediators seeking to grow their skills. As a mediator, Megan mediates workplace and discrimination cases, housing disputes, and harassment prevention orders. She also manages MWI’s Internship Program.

Learn more about Megan’s work at MWI:

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Who Should Attend

  • Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Business Consultants
  • Mediators and other ADR Professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Educators

. . . and other professionals interested in improving their ability to negotiate more effectively and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with clients, colleagues, suppliers, partners and others.

Program Objectives

In this program, you will:

  • Discover your current assumptions about negotiation and your approach to negotiating
  • Learn how to systematically prepare, conduct and review negotiations to produce better outcomes each time you negotiate
  • Learn how to discover the underlying interests in a negotiation and create mutually beneficial and durable solutions for all parties
  • Enhance your ability to communicate more effectively
  • Understand ways to build and strengthen important relationships over time
  • Learn how to deal effectively with difficult tactics, people and situations
  • Build your skills for negotiating more systematically and successfully over time.

Participants Will Receive

  • An interactive, hands-on, skill-building approach
  • Case studies, role-plays and opportunities for small group discussions
  • Tools for preparing for and reviewing negotiations
  • Negotiation manual and accompanying resources
  • A low-risk and safe environment for learning
  • A Certificate of Completion

For More Information

Please contact Chuck Doran at cdoran@mwi.org for more information about the training program.


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