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How Seeking a No Can Make You Better at Getting to Yes

October 12, 2017

When was the last time someone said "no" to you? How did it feel? Likely, not great. When we ask for something, our goal is typically to get a "yes." That's why many participants in MWI's Negotiation Skills Workshop are a bit confused when we give them some homework: get three people to say "no" to you over the course of one day.

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Mediation Techniques for Managing Emotions

September 29, 2017

In mediation, we expect that there will be high emotions. With the help of mediation techniques, you can facilitate these situations and capitalize on high emotions in ways that can benefit all parties involved. Following are a few mediation techniques for managing emotions during mediation.

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How to Persuade People to Negotiate

September 21, 2017

One of the keys to success in negotiation is preparation, and the process of arriving at the negotiation table is part of that preparation.

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Team Building & Communication: How to Improve Productivity

September 19, 2017

What makes a team effective? What low-cost, high-impact team building methodologies can we use to improve productivity? Companies and organizations worldwide grapple with these questions as they try to get the most from their workforce, but the answers are often nebulous. An entire industry of team building workshops and seminars thrives with the promise of creating more productive employees, but how can an organization really know if these services provide the solution?

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Mediation After Divorce

September 18, 2017

Mediation After Divorce By Laura Fabiano  Why choose mediation after divorce? Often situations arise post-divorce regarding custody or support of the children that need to be discussed and the parties are too emotional about the issues to discuss them and settle them on their own. In some cases, divorcing parties may not have ended the […]

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The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Empowering Your Counterparts to Collaborate

September 1, 2017

Businessdictionary.com defines the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy as “[E]xpectations about circumstances, events, or people that affect a person’s behavior [such that] he or she (unknowingly) creates situations [that fulfill] those expectations.” In other words, your predictions about a situation (and therefore how you act in that situation) will cause those predictions to come true. But what does this have to do with you as a negotiator? More than you think.

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Negotiating Over Email: Challenges and Tactics

August 17, 2017

When we find ourselves negotiating via email - whether that is an employment negotiation or a contract discussion with a subcontractor - we face seven major challenges, identified by Noam Ebner in his article "Negotiating via Email." The following tactics help negotiators mitigate those challenges and find opportunities for success when negotiating over email.

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What is a BATNA, and how do I utilize my BATNA in a Negotiation?

August 2, 2017

If you read MWI's Negotiation & Mediation Blog or want to improve your mediation or negotiation skills, you've probably encountered the term BATNA. Understanding and utilizing your BATNA is a significant source of power in negotiations. But what does this strange acronym stand for, and why does it matter so much?

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Working with a Representative: Principal-Agent Negotiation Strategies

July 20, 2017

As you prepare for negotiations, considering whether to hire an agent to represent your interests is an important decision. While there are many benefits to utilizing an agent's expertise and skill during your negotiation, there are also challenges and costs to weigh as well. We've put together some advice from the book Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes to help you get the most out of your principal-agent relationship in negotiation.

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Magnetic Co-Parenting Calendar for Parents and Professionals

As a divorce mediator in Boston I am always looking for new tools, resources, and books to introduce to my clients. Not too long ago, an online search landed me on the Enlightened Littles website. Here I learned about their "My Two Homes" Co-Parenting Calendar. My first thought was that the Co-Parenting calendar would be useful  for parents to hang in their house so children could easily see and understand the parenting schedule.

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