Mediation Services

Since 1994, MWI has provided thousands of clients with mediation services designed to resolve disputes quickly, efficiently and economically. MWI’s mediation services provide clients with the most effective and seasoned neutrals from across the country and exceptional case-management services at competitive rates. MWI provides mediation in the following areas:


MWI’s panel of professional neutrals have extensive experience mediating automotive and retail franchise disputes involving long-term contractual relationships.

MWI has the distinction of being an approved provider by the Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Land Court Department to provide ADR services. Our mediators are recognized leaders in their field.

MWI’s highly experienced mediators serving on our Workplace & Employment Panel help employees from across the country resolve a variety of disputes involving workplace discrimination, conflict within teams, sexual harassment and termination.

Benefits of Mediation Include:

  • High Success Rate:    Parties enjoy a 90% agreement rate with mediation
  • Convenience:    Mediation sessions are scheduled at the parties’ convenience at a variety of locations
  • Self-Determined Outcome:    The parties, with the assistance of counsel, will decide the terms of any agreement. The mediator does not have decision-making authority and cannot impose a solution
  • Cost Effective:    Mediation costs a fraction of what it costs to litigate or prolong the problem
  • Saves Time:    Mediation sessions can be scheduled quickly (depending on the parties’ and mediator’s schedule). Length of a session can take as little or as much time as the parties need
  • Preserves Relationships:    Mediation improves communication and understanding between parties while strengthening business and personal relationships or ending the relationship in an amicable way

For More Information

For more information about MWI’s mediation services, please contact Josh Hoch, Director of Mediation Services at jhoch@mwi.org or 617-895-4028.