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Are you interested in learning more about divorce mediation? If so, schedule a free consultation.

For couples considering divorce or who have made the decision to divorce, MWI invites you to take advantage of a complimentary meeting with a mediator via Zoom video, phone, or in-person.

During the consultation:

  • An overview of the divorce mediation process will be explained – A divorce mediator will explain the entire mediation and divorce process as well as provide a timeline of divorce in Massachusetts.
  • Your questions will be answered – Ample time will be devoted to answering your questions.
  • Decide if mediation is right for you – You will hear about process options for divorce in Massachusetts to better understand whether or not mediation is right for your situation.
  • Understand the mediation process – A detailed overview will be provided on what happens at mediation, outside mediation, and after mediation.
  • Leave feeling a sense of relief – Divorce is difficult, but divorce mediation makes it easier. Working with a neutral person (the mediator), can provide both structure and a safe place for productive conversations. Take the first step and come meet a mediator to learn more about divorce mediation.

Consultations are free when both parties attend. Individual consultations are available for $175. The consultation fee will be applied toward a first session, if a mediation session takes place within one month of the individual consultation. Consultations via phone or video can be scheduled here. You may also be interested in this video which explains divorce mediation.