MWI Court Mediator Recognition Page

Both MWI’s District & Municipal Court and Probate and Family Court Mediation Panels have been sustained for many years by the hundreds of volunteer mediators who provide services at no charge to disputing parties. The efforts of these mediators in 15 courts across the surrounding Boston area help to fulfill MWI’s mission to provide quality services to parties, regardless of their capacity to pay. We are delighted to honor the hardworking members of our panel (both past and present) who have consistently upheld MWI’s proven reputation for proficiency and professionalism.

 Over 250 cases

  • Robin DiGiammarino

Over 150 cases

  • Joe Ash
  • Mindy Garber
  • Steven Friedman
  • Deepika Madan
  • Vicky Peterson
  • Ian Pilarczyk
  • Ed Wertheim
  • Kim Whelan

Over 100 cases

  • Peter Gorer
  • MaryAnn Sherwood

Over 50 cases

  • Carmel Gurucharri
  • Arline Kardasis
  • Orna Stein

Over 30 cases

  • Anita Aherne
  • Denise Earl
  • Thomas Elkind
  • Thomas Flanagan
  • Katie Hyten
  • Peter Sonnabend
  • Patricia Stillerman
  • Heidi Werther

For More Information

Please contact Vanessa Linsey at vlinsey@mwi.org or 617-895-4027.