Meeting Facilitation

MWI facilitators provide professional and neutral meeting facilitation services to corporations, academic institutions, other organizations to effectively run meetings, retreats and conferences that are expected to be contentious or complex. The use of a facilitator promotes well-organized, results-oriented meetings and ensures that parties are engaged and feel heard in the process.

The process is customized to each facilitation and involves the following:

  • The facilitator will have an initial discussion with the “leaders” who have the responsibility for the outcome of the meeting. He or she will work with the leaders to crystalize the goals for the meeting as well as what deliverables are expected. The facilitator will also present optional procedures to structure the process. In addition, there will be discussion of what groups, sub-groups and individuals should be included in the process. This may include both internal and external parties as well as a method to address those who may be necessary to the meeting but cannot be present.
  • The facilitator will reach out to all or at least the major groups, sub-groups and individuals who are involved in the process to ask them what they want to accomplish, who else should be involved and what roadblocks they foresee.
  • A check-in with the leaders will be held to summarize the recommended process going forward based on input from them and the groups, sub-groups and individuals. Through discussion with the leaders and follow-up, a final process for the meeting will be adopted, including who to attend, what procedures to utilize, a final agenda and specifics such as whether to utilize a flip chart or projected computer and what to have at the meeting including name tags, handouts, food, etc.
  • At the meeting, the objective of the facilitator is to work with the participants to accomplish the previously determined goals, stay on time and on agenda while making sure that all participants have the opportunity to be heard.
  • After the meeting, the deliverables previously agreed upon are provided which may include the flip charts or computer input, complete summary report of the meeting, list of action items, list of attendees, etc.
  • A final follow-up will be conducted to make sure that expectations have been met and to discuss if any further services are required.

For More Information

For more information about MWI’s meeting facilitation services for your organization, please contact Chuck Doran at cdoran@mwi.org or 617-895-4026.