MWI District & Municipal Court Resource Page – Dedham District Court

Types of cases:

Summary Process

631 High Street
Dedham, MA 02026


Day/Time of Mediation: Thursdays at 9:30 AM

Key People at the Court

    • Presiding Justice: Hon. Michael J. Pomarole (Acting)
    • Clerk Magistrate: Salvatore Paterna
    • Assistant Clerk: Beth Cook
    • Scheduling: Patty Blinn, Summary Process Coordinator


You will need to complete an ADR referral form, an Agreement to Participate and, if an agreement is reached, the Dedham-specific Agreement for Judgment. (This form can also be provided by the court in the Civil Clerks Office.)


Free parking is available behind the Registry of Deeds in the back of the designated parking lot.


When entering the building you will need to go through security. Then, proceed downstairs to the Civil Clerks Office and say hi to Patty. Ask her where summary process cases will be called that day. Usually they will be heard in the First Session on the 1st Floor. Mediators sit to the right where it says, “Police Only.”


Ask Beth which room to use for mediation. She is usually conducting a small claims session in courtroom 3. If Beth is not available, ask Clerk Magistrate Paterna.


After mediating bring the parties, with or without an agreement, back to the original session and alert the clerk if the case settled or not. If there is an agreement, the judge will review it and speak with the parties about it before signing off on it. Photocopies can then be made in the Civil Clerks Office. Walk up to the counter and ask for copies to be made.

For More Information

Please contact Vanessa Linsey at vlinsey@mwi.org or 617-895-4027.