Dina Eisenberg

Dina Eisenberg

Dina Eisenberg is an outsourced ombuds with MWI. A former lawyer, she served as an Organizational Ombuds in a variety of settings, including manufacturing, tech companies, banking as well as colleges and universities. Dina most recently was the Global Head of Ombuds Services for Twitter, designed their program and served as inaugural Organizational Ombuds. Dina’s experience working with manufacturing plants and employees at a plant includes her previous work with Polaroid, Coca-Cola, Bolthouse Farms, and a small radar manufacturing plant. With almost a quarter century of experience, Her upcoming book, Fixable Culture, is an action guide to transform companies from toxic to trusting through Ombuds programs. Dina is a sought-after speaker and podcast guest. Her ombuds work appears in Entrepreneur and Inc magazines.

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