Macayla Belt

Macayla Belt

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Co-Mediating Divorce and Family Cases with MWI
Case Manager: Josh Hoch – 617-895-4028jhoch@mwi.org


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Macayla Belt is a co-mediator with MWI’s Court Mediation Panel and MWI’s Divorce & Family Mediation Panel. As such, Macayla is available to co-mediate small claim, parent/teen, divorce, and other family matters. Before becoming a mediator, Macayla completed a ten-week internship at the Middlesex Juvenile Court in Cambridge, MA. During COVID-19, Macayla conducts mediation sessions remotely while working to complete her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration at Nichols College. Her expected date of graduation is May 2021.

Focus Areas

  • Divorce mediation
  • Paternity cases (Unmarried Parents)
  • Parent/teen
  • Parenting plans
  • Child Support
  • Small Claim – money disputes

Honors, Memberships, and Professional Activities

  • Certificate in Suicide Prevention
  • Selected as a Mediator on MWI’s Court Mediation Panel
  • Selected as a Mediator on MWI’s Divorce & Family Mediation Panel
  • Advanced Mediation Training Certificate
  • Trained mediator in accordance with Massachusetts General Law, ch.233 § 23C

Background and Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Nichols College
    • Expected date of graduation: May 2021
    • Concentration: Criminal Justice Management
    • GPA: 3.5

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