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2021 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines & Spousal Support Resources

Every few years Massachusetts redesigns the Child Support Guidelines. Most recently this happened in 2017, 2018 and October of 2021. This page remains up-to-date regarding child support in Massachusetts.

Updated August 11, 2021

2021 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines – Starting October 4, 2021

Starting October 4, 2021, Massachusetts will have new Child Support Guidelines.

  • Introductory Material and Information
    • Changes include:
      • A person cannot avoid a child support obligation by choosing to be compensated with stock options or by otherwise reclassifying his or her income.
      • A minimum order of $12 per week, but the Court can reduce it to $0.00.
      • The 2021 guidelines use maximum combined available annual gross income of the parties of $400,000 per year (up from $250,000).
      • Reasonable child care costs of up to $355 per week, per child, due to the gainful employment of either party, are now to be shared in proportion to the parties’ incomes.
      • The new guidelines no longer include the word “litigant” from the Preamble and instead inserting “parties”, recognizing that not all cases involve litigation.

Here are some Massachusetts-based Child Support Worksheets and Apps:

  • Free: Child Support Guidelines Calculations Worksheet provided by the Probate and Family Court Department is a great tool which calculates child support expenses. If you click on the link above but are not able to access the form, try opening the link in a different browser.
  • $2.99 (as of July 2020) – A Massachusetts divorce app for the iPhone and iPad from Infinity Law Group. This app calculates both child support and alimony.

Then there are other resources such as:

  1. The 21 page text that explains 2018 Child Support in Massachusetts;
  2. Additional information from the Probate and Family Court.


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Need Even More Help?

Should you need more resources to calculate or reach agreement on child support, MWI can help even further. We discuss child support and divorce resources as part of our divorce and family (never married parents, post-divorce) services and during our court-approved mandatory Parent Education Programs for parents seeking divorce. Depending on the needs of our clients, MWI mediators can also help parents explore and reach agreement on:

  • Parenting Schedules
    • weekly and/or monthly
  • Parenting Time during
    • school vacations
    • summer
    • holidays
  • Moving
  • Traveling
  • Health Insurance coverage for the children
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Education
  • Activities, Lessons, Tutors, Camps and more

About the Author

Josh Hoch is MWI’s Director of Mediation Services. He serves as a divorce mediator throughout Massachusetts provide remote and in person mediation, learn more here. He can be reached at 617-895-4028 and jhoch@mwi.org.


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