MWI District & Municipal Court Resource Page – New Bedford District Court

Types of cases:

Small Claims

139 Hathaway Rd. #4
New Bedford, MA 02420


Day/Time of Mediation: Tuesdays at 9:00 AM

Key People at the Court

    • Presiding Justice: Bernadette Sabra
    • Clerk Magistrate: Peter Thomas
    • First Assistant Clerk: James Sheerin
    • Assistant Clerks: Patrick Walsh, Thomas Alfonse and John DosSantos
    • Small Claims Supervisor: Anne Miller


Free parking is available in the plaza between McDonalds and the court.


Once through security and inside the court lobby, the courtroom will be down the hall and on your left. You may also ask the court officers where small claims cases will be called at 9:00 AM that day if you are lost.


There are two rooms that will be available for us to conduct our mediations in. Ask experienced co-mediators to show you the rooms.


This court utilizes a triplicate form for its Agreement for Judgment. Please receive one of the triplicate forms from the clerk when you are referred a case. Mediators need to leave court with at least one copy of each form that is filled out and also need to provide one copy of each form to the clerk who ran the small claims session. This court will generally not make copies of agreements for the parties onsite but will mail them copies of the agreement forms in the mail. Only if the court will not make copies of the forms for you and your co-mediator is it then ok to take an original copy of each form. The file should be returned to the clerk who handed the case to you.

For More Information

Please contact Vanessa Linsey at vlinsey@mwi.org or 617-895-4027.