MWI District & Municipal Court Resource Page – South Boston Municipal Court

Types of cases:

Small Claims & Summary Process

535 East Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127


T / Bus: Take the Red Line to Broadway Station. Either walk up Broadway or take the 9 Bus to the court.

Day/Time of Mediation:
Small Claims: Tuesdays at 11:00 AM
Summary Process: Thursdays at 2:00 PM

Key People at the Court

    • First Justice: Hon. Michael C. Bolden
    • Clerk Magistrate: Margaret F. Albertson
    • Assistant Clerks: Teresa Hamilton, Kate Clayman


Utilize the general forms for both Small Claims and Summary Process.


Street parking is available inconsistently and there are no parking lots designated for the courthouse.


When arriving at the courthouse for Small Claims or Summary Process go to the clerk’s office, which is directly on your left as you go up the stairs. If parties want to mediate, you can use the empty courtroom on that floor or any other rooms that court staff identify as available.


The clerk’s assistant will let parties know that there are mediators available. She will ask them to meet mediators out in the hall after she has finished hearing the list. Mediators should then bring parties to designated mediation room and deliver Mediators’ Introduction.


For Summary Process, when the case has been mediated (with or without a settlement) take the file down to the ground floor courtroom and hand it to the clerk or judge who referred the case. Copies of mediation documents can be made either in the clerk’s office. Please be sure to leave court with a copy of paperwork so that you can send to MWI.

For More Information

Please contact Vanessa Linsey at vlinsey@mwi.org or 617-895-4027.