9 Divorce Videos of Celebrities Sharing Their Divorce Stories

Divorce can be a challenging time, so being able to relate to others can be extremely helpful. In this blog post, we collected 9 videos of celebrities opening up about some of the harder aspects of their divorces, ranging from infidelity to co-parenting. We hope you find these stories to be helpful and that you know you are not alone. Many people experience divorce and while the process isn’t easy, the outcome can be very positive.

Mayim Bialik discusses what she has learned about co-parenting in the last three years since her divorce. She and her ex-husband have tried their best to create the healthiest possible environment for their kids and offers a few of her tips in this video on how to do so.

Reese Witherspoon talks about the abusive relationship she escaped when she was younger. While this was not someone she was married to, she discusses the moment that her brain “switched” and when she realized she needed to get out. She mentions the unfortunate ubiquity of abusive relationships and how almost every woman she speaks to knows someone that has been the victim of an abusive relationship.

Seal discusses his split with his wife, Heidi Klum, and what a shock it was to both of them. He emphasizes his respect and love for his ex-wife and addresses the fact that they will always be connected in some way as they have four children together.

Uma Thurman opens up about her divorce from her husband and how it has affected her life. She addresses the tough emotions she went through and how her self-esteem was “mangled.” She is honest about the difficulties that having kids brings to a divorce and presents a relatable perspective on what a struggle divorce can be.

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Gwyneth Paltrow discusses a life endeavor that did not turn out how she planned, her marriage. She comes from an environment where divorce is not common. She speaks about how challenging it was to accept the failure that was her marriage.

Eva Longoria speaks about her divorce with her second husband of eight years. She opens up about how hard it has been to separate her life from him. He still felt attached to what she accomplished while with him and she had to learn a lot about her own identity.

Halle Berry speaks about her husband’s repeated infidelity and what she went through following the revelation. She discusses the big emotions that she had to deal with. Although she desired to make things work, she eventually realized that her husband might have a bigger issue.

Jane Fonda talks about her painful decision to leave her third husband, Ted Turner. Even though she loved Ted, she did not feel whole in their relationship, but like a shell of herself. After she left, she was alone, but finally felt like a whole person.

Kelly Clarkson speaks with Glennon Doyle and Alicia Keys on her show about divorce, which Glennon and Kelly have both gone through. They discuss how having kids affects divorce, how divorce can be a growing process, and about Glennon’s journey with her divorce and her sexuality.

No matter what one’s circumstances are, divorce can be emotional and isolating. Finding people who have gone through similar situations can help one realize that they are not alone.

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