MWI’s Court Mediation Program

MWI’s Court Mediation Program provides mediation services to income-eligible litigants at nine courts in Southeastern Massachusetts and Greater Boston. With the full support of each court’s first justice and staff, MWI’s objective is to provide mediation services to those present in Small Claims Court. By providing small claims mediation services, MWI helps to alleviate the high volume of cases presented before a judge on any given day and gives litigants an opportunity to resolve their dispute in a more neighborly way. Parties who resolve their case through mediation often do not require anymore court involvement and are able to work out an agreement that is in each parties’ best interest.

MWI’s Approach & Methodology

MWI provides much needed mediation services to help alleviate the cases that are scheduled to go before the judge. MWI’s Court Mediation Program is focused on providing quality small claims mediation services to pro-se litigants. MWI provides free small claims mediation services onsite in nine Massachusetts Court Departments.

For More Information

Please contact Chuck Doran, Executive Director, at cdoran@mwi.org or 617-895-4026.