How to Find Your Massachusetts Divorce Case Online

If you have filed for divorce but are unsure of your case’s status, Massachusetts provides a way to check your legal status online. Read below for step-by-step guidance on how to find your Massachusetts Divorce Case Online.

Step 1

First, you can visit the Massachusetts Trial Court Electronic Case Access website. This is a public database that anyone can use to see the status of their case. It also is a way for you to check and report errors.

Below is a screenshot of the home page as of October 30, 2023.




Step 2

Next, select “click here” in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.




Step 3

Next, the website will ask you to select a “Court Department.” Choose Probate and Family Court. This is the court where all divorce and family-related matters are heard.





Step 4

After you select Probate and Family Court, a new box for “Court Division” will appear. Here, you should choose the county you filed your divorce in. Options include Barnstable, Berkshire, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Nantucket, Norfolk, Suffolk, or Worchester.

If you are unsure what county you filed in, Massachusetts has the following rules for filing:

  • If your spouse still lives in the same county where you lived together, you must file in that county.
  • Otherwise, you can file in the county where you live or your spouse lives.




Step 5

Now, a new box with additional information should appear. Look for the boxes entitled “Last Name” and “First Name” (in the yellow box below). Enter your name in these boxes. For example, see “Jane Doe” below.




Step 6

Just press search in the left-hand corner of the screen and see your status update!





Need more help?

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