Divorce Mediation – Free Webinar

Divorce Mediation Information – For a Massachusetts Divorce

Join us for a free live webinar where MWI mediators share information relating to:

  • The divorce mediation process;
  • Tips to determine if mediation is an appropriate process for your situation;
  • Topics divorcing couples make decisions on for a divorce in Massachusetts;
  • Probate Court requirements;
  • Parenting plan resource, recommended books, and helpful tips for minimizing the cost of divorce.

Time is also devoted to answer participant questions.

Two of the following mediators lead each MWI webinar:

Judge Linda Prestley CT

Judge Linda Pearce Prestley, (ret)

Josh Hoch

              Josh Hoch

vanessa linsey

        Vanessa Linsey








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For more information, contact Josh Hoch, Mediator & Director of Mediation Services at 617-895-4028 and jhoch@mwi.org.