Divorce Mediation Webinar:

Information You Want to Know About Divorce in MA

During this webinar on divorce mediation, we will answer and explain the following information related to a divorce in MA:

  • What happens in divorce mediation, from the first mediation session to filing for a 1A no-fault divorce in Massachusetts;
  • How to determine if mediation is the appropriate process for your situation;
  • The topics divorcing couples need to make decisions on for a divorce in Massachusetts;
  • Filing for divorce in Massachusetts;
  • Probate Court requirements, including: forms and what needs to be completed before filing for divorce;
  • Resources, including: suggested guidelines for appropriate parenting plans, recommended books, and helpful tips for minimizing the cost of divorce;
  • Participants may also ask the mediator/presenter questions.

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  2. Look for a webinar confirmation email that will include a link to the webinar and the call-in number.

That’s it!  Thank you and we look forward to providing you with helpful information during the webinar.


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