MWI Outsourced Organizational Ombuds Panel Application Form

The purpose of this application is to determine your interest and qualifications to work as an independent contractor with MWI as a member of our outsourced organizational ombuds panel. Please note that MWI only qualifies and contracts with individual ombuds and not with firms or organizations.

MWI is looking for ombuds with at least five years’ experience as an outsourced or internal ombuds with corporate, academic, governmental, and/or non-profit clients. Ombuds panel members are paid a rate of up to $160 per hour depending on their experience level for all billable work with MWI’s clients. There is no application fee or annual fee to be a member of MWI’s ombuds panel.

Acceptance as an independent contractor is not guaranteed solely by meeting the qualifications delineated in the application below. Final acceptance may also entail a phone or online interview at MWI’s sole discretion. Applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application by email.

Questions about this application and the requirements should be sent by e-mail to Chuck Doran, Ombuds & Executive Director, at cdoran@mwi.org. Thank you.

MWI Outsourced Ombuds Panel Application Form

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Experience and background

11. MWI's ombuds panel members are required to practice according to IOA's Standards of Practice (SoP) and Code of Ethics (CoE). Will you commit to practicing to IOA's SoP and CoE if accepted as a member of MWI's outsourced ombuds panel?*

12. Are you an IOA Certified Organizational Ombuds Practitioner (CO-OP)?

See sample bios at https://www.mwi.org/ombuds