Parent Education Program Open House for Fitch Law Partners LLP

Are you interested in learning more about what happens in court-approved Parent Education Program classes?

Join us for an Open House via Zoom

MWI is hosting an Open House for Fitch Law Parners LLP.

During the Open House, Parent Education Program facilitator Sally Plone and MWI’s Director and Mediator, Josh Hoch will provide an overview of the program content, share resources, provide talking points for attorneys, and educate about Paragraph 10 of Standing Order 2-16 (which allows a parent to attend court prior to completing the Parent Education Program requirement).

Date and Time

July 30, 2020 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM.


This program will take place via Zoom and the link will be provided in advance of the Program.

For More Information

To view upcoming Parent Education Programs offered online by MWI via Zoom, see www.better-parent.org. For all other questions, please contact Josh Hoch, MWI’s Director of Mediation Services at 617-895-4028.