12 Topics a Parenting Coordinator in Massachusetts Can Help With

Parenting Coordinators in Massachusetts are court-approved professionals who work to assist parents in reaching a mutually beneficial agreement for the parents and for their child(ren). Parent Coordinators work to help parents manage ongoing issues after divorce.

Common topics include:

what is a parenting coordinator1. Changing or clarifying an existing parenting plan;

2. Developing strategies to reduce co-parent conflict;

3. Providing information and best practice for child related topics;

4. Creating communication guidelines, including:

  • Verbal – phone and in-person;
  • Text;
  • Email;

5. Improving drop off and/or pick up;

6. Lessons and activities;

7. Travel, including:

  • Out of State;
  • Out of Country;
  • Passports;

8. Communication between the non-custodial parent and the child or children;

9. New partners or significant others;

10. Mental health care, including assessments and choosing providers;

11. Religious observance and education;

12. Providing resources and tools.


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All court-approved Parenting Coordinators in Massachusetts must be either an attorney or licensed mental health professional and who are also trained in mediation and intimate partner or domestic violence awareness. Parent Coordinators are experienced professionals interested in improving the lives of co-parents so children benefit from improved communication and cooperation.

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