EAP – Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services

MWI provides Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and their client companies with support services designed to help employees resolve family, employment, and other disputes efficiently and economically. By resolving disputes that would otherwise consume limited resources and often result in costly legal claims, MWI’s neutrals provide a valuable resource for resolving disputes early and often while increasing productivity and morale.

The purpose of mediation is simple: to help employees address and resolve disputes with others that cause stress, instability and uncertainty. Mediation provides employees with an opportunity to put closure on difficult situations with family members, co-workers and supervisors so that they can move forward knowing that the issue is resolved.

Types of disputes to be mediated include:

Workplace / Employment

Any combination of disputes between employees and management, discrimination claims, communication issues

Higher Education

Student/student, student/faculty, faculty/faculty, tenure, inter and intra-departmental, pre-disciplinary matters concerning conduct and academic honesty


Foreclosure, credit card debt, trusts, wills & estates, landlord tenant, real estate and other disputes from clients

MWI also offers the following services to EAPs and their client companies:

Negotiation & Communication Training

MWI has trained thousands of professionals and staff members to build their capacity to transform adversarial approaches to negotiation into problem-solving collaborations, producing better outcomes for all parties while enhancing long-term working relationships. Training programs may be customized to meet the specific needs and interests of the client organization.

Ombuds Service

Provides staff with a unique and confidential channel for voicing complaints and resolving conflict. This includes opportunities to seek advice on handling difficult situations, insights about company policy and services designed to build morale, productivity and the capacity to manage conflicts on their own.

Corporate Dispute Resolution Programs

Provides employees with tools and choices to resolve their disputes early and often. These tools include preparing employees to resolve their own disputes internally through training and providing employees with such services as mediation, meeting facilitation and arbitration.

For More Information about EAP Mediation

Please contact Diana Chiang at 617-895-4029 or dchiang@mwi.org with questions about EAP dispute resolution resources and for a detailed proposal for your review.

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