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Parents and children referred from Norwood Behavioral Health now have immediate access to mediation services and training provided by Mediation Works Inc (MWI). The services are designed to help spouses, co-parents, parents/children, stepfamilies, and other interested parties resolve conflict effectively and productively.


Mediation is a process in which parties agree to work together, with the assistance of a trained neutral, to explore their respective interests and generate options for resolving their dispute. The mediator helps to facilitate communication and empowers clients to create their own resolution. Mediation is a flexible process that allows the parties to discuss, in confidence, any issues they choose to address and determine the outcome.

Benefits of mediation include:

  • High Success Rate
  • Productive & Safe Conversations
  • Convenience
  • Self-Determined Outcome
  • Preservation or Restoration of Relationships

During COVID-19, mediation services are available via phone and video. Contact Josh Hoch to learn more.

The following services are available:

Parent/Child Mediation

Mediation often provides immediate relief to parents and children in conflict. Different from therapy, parent/child mediation is a focused problem solving process. Mediation focuses on how things can be different and better for everyone moving forward. A mediator helps children and parents hear each other in a safe setting, giving both the parents and the child a voice. Common topics include: rules, schooling, stepfamilies, COVID 19, curfew, friends, dating, chores, and more.

Marital Mediation

Marital mediation creates an opportunity for spouses to deal with specific conflict, improve communication, and work together to figure out a collaborative future.

Marital mediation is different than counseling because unlike therapy, mediation does not explore deep personal issues, address mental health diagnoses, discuss family backgrounds, or provide treatment.

Marital mediation is a forward-thinking, positive process that helps parents overcome marital difficulties without having to delve in to the past and open up old wounds.

Divorce Mediation

Traditional methods of reaching a divorce settlement can be costly and often leave couples feeling hurt and hostile. This makes communicating more difficult, both during and after a divorce.

Divorce Mediation creates an opportunity for couples to work out the terms of their divorce in less time, with less cost, and often with less hostility.

Unlike the traditional court process, mediation enables couples to take control and make informed decisions about the terms of their divorce. MWI’s professional mediators help couples identify goals, discuss important topics, and create a forum for productive conversations to take place.

Parent Education Programs

MWI provides monthly Parent Education Programs that focus on the effect of divorce on children, how to support children during and after divorce, co-parenting tips, and how to shift conflict into an opportunity for positive change. See www.better-parent.org for more information.

Post-Divorce Mediation

Although the divorce is final, couples may remain interconnected in many ways–through children, families, friends, business, and more. Post-divorce mediation provides an opportunity for ex-spouses to thoughtfully reinvent relationships. Common topics include: money, changes to the parenting plan, child related discussions, Covid-19 concerns, schooling, and more.

Parenting Coordination (PC)

A neutral third party helps separated or divorced parents caught in high conflict to resolve child-related disputes, first by mediating and then by making decisions. MWI PC’s also monitor co-parent communication.

About MWI

Since 1994, Mediation Works Inc (MWI) has been dedicated to helping clients turn challenges into opportunities for growth, innovation, and change. MWI’s staff, neutrals and trainers strive to:

  • Be professional and responsive;
  • Exceed expectations;
  • Collaborate – with clients, colleagues, and with each other; and
  • Respect our clients and their concerns.


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For More Information

Contact Josh Hoch, Mediator & Director of Mediation Services, at 617-895-4028 or jhoch@mwi.org. Please mention Norwood Behavioral Health.