MWI Online Dispute Resolution Services and Training

Since 1994, MWI has provided mediation, ombuds, and facilitation services as well as negotiation skills, mediation, and communication training to a range of corporate, institutional, and non-profit clients. These same services and training programs are available online using video conferencing, secure document management, virtual breakout rooms, and digital signature platforms.

Each of the services below are available online. Please contact Chuck Doran, Executive Director, at cdoran@mwi.org for more information.

Since 1994, MWI has provided thousands of clients with mediation services designed to resolve disputes quickly, efficiently and economically in the areas of auto & retail franchise, divorce, real estate & construction, and workplace & employment. MWI’s online mediation services provide clients with the most effective and seasoned neutrals from across the country and exceptional case-management services at competitive rates.

MWI’s Outsourced Organizational Ombuds services provides companies with a designated neutral to serve as an impartial dispute resolution practitioner who provides independent, informal, confidential, and neutral assistance to employees. Visit MWI’s Outsourced Organizational Ombuds page here.

Based on principles developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project and the bestseller “Getting To Yes“, MWI’s online interactive negotiation workshops are designed to build your capacity to negotiate collaboratively, producing better outcomes for all parties while enhancing long-term working relationships. These programs are now available online in a variety of formats including one hour awareness building seminars and longer skill-building sessions.

MWI’s mediation training programs are designed for professionals interested in becoming effective mediators through the use of interactive lectures, demonstrations, exercises, supervised role-plays, and group discussions. MWI trainees who successfully complete MWI’s mediation trainings are encouraged to apply to join MWI’s Court Mediation Program that provides mediation opportunities to newly trained mediators.

MWI facilitators provide professional and neutral meeting facilitation services to corporations, academic institutions, other organizations to effectively run meetings, retreats and conferences that are expected to be contentious or complex. The use of an online facilitator promotes well-organized, results-oriented meetings and ensures that parties are engaged and feel heard in the process.

MWI uses Zoom Video Conferencing for online mediations and training sessions. Visit https://zoom.us/download for the app.

For more information, please contact Chuck Doran, Executive Director, at cdoran@mwi.org or 617-895-4026 or another staff member here.