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Five Key Considerations When Choosing a Mediation Training Program

July 28, 2021

So you want to become a mediator? Perhaps you were able to help colleagues or family members work through their differences and you found the role fulfilling. Perhaps someone suggested that you would make a good mediator. Or maybe the idea of becoming a neutral who works with others to help them resolve their differences is a role that fits with your personality and professional goals.

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Can You Really Train Mediators Online? Reflecting on MWI’s Experience

July 14, 2020

Since 1994, MWI has offered four mediation trainings per year, every year. The workshop was held in many different venues over that time. One place the mediation training was never held: online.

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Don’t Compromise in Mediation – Try Collaborating!

November 10, 2017

Rather than idealizing compromise, I aim to help parties in mediation and participants in MWI's Negotiation Skills Workshops and mediation trainings try a different approach: collaboration.

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What Can You Gain From Taking Mediation Training?

June 21, 2017

We are going to let you in on an industry secret: many people who complete mediation training do not become full-time mediators. Those who pursue a full-time career as a mediator can find fulfillment and success In general, though, people who train as mediators are simply looking to build their skills and incorporate mediation into the work they are already doing. So what can you gain from a mediation training? Recently, we collected reflections from participants in MWI’s 40 Hour Mediation Training to answer that question.

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